🤔 thoughts on co-active coaching

co-active coaching assumes philosophy of "desire satisfaction"; "maximizing potential"; "fulfilment" ... vs. buddhism (unmet desires are cause of suffering; limit your desires) ... vs. mindfulness (become aware of your thoughts, desires, etc;
don't necessarily identify w/ the ego; live in the moment) ... vs. CBT approach (be aware of your thoughts and untrain your saboteur)

(as per memetic desire) what one values/desires is mostly out of ones control (b/c it comes from being incepted by others) changes in who you're around and what media you consume change your desires over time and changes in "significant desires" (ex. "how should I spend my life?") can leave on 'unfulfilled', 'ungrounded' ...might as well lean into it? (ie. don't question your desires, just seek to fulfill them) -> and/or... curate people you're around / media consumed to align with your values? (and/or change/shift values to a given target)