:name "Rafal Dittwald"
:aka #{ "Raf" "rafd" "wrath" }
:location "Toronto, CA"
:work [ { :company "Bloom Ventures"
:position "Founding Partner & Entrepreneur" } ]
:education [ { :degree "BASc in Engineering Science"
:institution "University of Toronto"
:graduation-year 2012 } ]
:email "rafal.dittwald@gmail.com"
:links [ "github"
"calendly" ]
:bio [ "I am an entrepreneur, software engineer, ux designer, teacher, mentor, spouse, friend, son, brother" "I am what I am." "At best, I can tell you some of my doings: I've spent the past several years… trying to start a venture studio; inventing a new way to do startup equity; attempting to get multiple startups off the ground; mentoring hundreds of would-be programmers; and writing many thousands of lines of code (mostly Clojure)." "Often, I encounter an innocous question, like 'what is the cheapest meal plan to meet nutritional standards?', or 'what places around the world have nice weather all year round?', or 'what if we combined the Ford-Johnson sorting algorithm and the Schulze electoral ranking method?' and I spend an inordinate amount of time chasing the answers to these questions." "Here is a graph of some of my interests." "Sometimes I give talks and write about things." ]