🤔 should one work before startup?

get asked "should I work before doing a startup?"

...if you're even considering not doing a startup, then yes, it's very strong signal that you should work instead

(b/c, TBH, most of the enterpreneurs that I know that have stuck with entreprenership, are ones where they didn't really think there was any other option for them)

but, if you're in the "I wanna do a startup, but maybe, I should work first camp, and maybe in the future"... then that's fine! I think you should work...

1 - you'll earn money, save up, and god, that's nice to have... 2 - you'll make connections (future founders, employees, etc.) 3 - you'll develop relevant skills 4 - you'll be exposed to real problems

career choices I recommend:

what I don't recommend: