🤔 board games

(pre 2008) As a child, I occasionally played games like Snakes and Ladders, Mouse Trap, Monopoly, Risk and whatever other "ameritrash" was at school. I played more card games, both at school (Crazy 8s) and at home. We had Acquire at home, which my dad played with his friend on Christmas, but it was "for adults".

(~2005-2008) At around the time I was allowed to play Acquire, I was exposed to Settlers of Catan, which I then immediately bought for myself and played the hell out of with my high school friends. My best friend and I got bit by the board game bug, and upon discovering Board Game Geek, we gradually added Carcassone, Power Grid, Dominion, and Agricola into the mix.

2008 - Gifted Agricola by Monika (+ Adam?)

(2008-2012) In university, Power Grid and Dominion hit the table most frequently, both with my roommates at home and friends in the common room. Joe and Evert would occasionally, rope me into Diplomacy or Twilight Struggle. I would always carry Race for the Galaxy in my bag, which got a lot of plays (particularly with me and Canna), and the cards got nasty really fast.

2009 - Power Grid at New Year's at Sean's 2010 - Chaos in the Old World and Battlestar with Blessie and friends 2011 - stomach flu gets me and Evert, after playing Ticket to Ride with Joe (it's just food poisoning) 2011 - Seattle, playing Catan with AirBnB hosts 2011 - Seattle, playing Race for the Galaxy with Canna, both sick

(2012-2017) After university, I'd continue to play regularly with my friends, particularly former roommates (Kim and Joe) and new startup co-founder (James). Ticket to Ride, 7 Wonders, Eclipse, Puerto Rico, Android Netrunner entered the rotation. Pandemic and Eldritch Horror became favorites. Game of Thrones became the (still reluctant) Diplomacy replacement. A massive 6 or 8 player Eclipse game became a yearly or bi-yearly tradition.

20?? - Beat Julia's boyfriend at first game of Hive 2013 - DIY cardboard Hive deck to try out with Canna on a vacation to Cuba. 2016 - bought Forbidden Island and Chaos in the Old World in Alaska for a steal 20?? - Paul and Vanessa introduced us to Hanabi 20?? - T.I.M.E. Stories with Paul and Vanessa - GET IT, EM 15!

(2017-2019) Canna and I were set to digital nomad for a few years, so I sold off most of my board games. Power Grid survived, but not much else. Played a lot of Hanabi while traveling.

(2019-) Forced to return to Canada, we resumed our regular games with friends. I had been hearing good things about Gloomhaven, but it seemed like a big commitment, but Canna eventually bought it for me (and, really our game group). Gloomhaven took over our play time. I was having the best time playing a board game. We

(2020-2021 - The Lockdown) Gloomhaven - remotely. The Crew - when allowed to meet in the park - deck got so crusty.

(2022-) Aeon's End - from Adam. Hooked. I wouldn't give it back. Forbidden Island - introduce to my nephew and niece.

(2024) Fast forward, now my shelf only has co-ops.